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Detailing & Drawings

Steel Fabrication

Mild & Stainless Steel

Structural Steel


Machinery, Conveyor

and Prototype build

External Metal staircase
Metal anti-climb gate
Stainless Steel Handrail
Horse Barns
Charcoal Oven for  professional kitchen
Subcontrac metalworking
Conveyor , mchinery and prototype build
8 Cubic yard skip and container

Roll On / Roll Off Containers & Platforms

Prototypes  & Prototyping

We offer made to measure staircase service include drawing and 3D modeling service. We are professional staircase fabricators with many year experiences in staircase fabrication.

As experts in staircase fabrication, we know how important is check the real situation in site and take all measurements before start production. For that own friendly team always visit a customer to discuss customer needs and take all necessary measurements and we don't charge for that extra  - that is for FREE. We have one more good bonus for own customers, staircase 3D modeling/design as well for FREE.  We offer all kind staircases, with different finish and materials and material combination. Industrial staircases, straight staircases, fire escape staircases, external staircases, internal staircases, spiral, and custom design staircases. More about MillerLine UK manufactured staircase and standards please - press "More about steel staircases"

Metal gates and fences are one of most popular steel product in the UK. Gates and fences necessary for every single house. We are gate and fences fabricators and we can produce any kind and style/design gates and fences. We can help you get your own gates and fence from budget solution up to the bespoke custom solution. We are ready to produce your gates and fence from your drawing/sketch or we can help work out your gates and fence design. For gates and fences available made to measure and fitting service.

MillerLine UK produces, driveway gates, slope driveway gates, single gates, automatic gates, industrial gates, anti-climb gates... Gates and fences for any needs and budget. More about MillerLine  UK manufactured gates & fences and optional options - press "More about Gates & Fences".


We are manufacture shelters ( canopy ) for any needs in different sizes, from small size up to extra large size. With many year experiences, we can fabricate any kind of shelter ( canopy ) with nice design an functionality. But that not all, - own shelters ( canopy ) is unique with design and technical solution. Shelters, fabricated by MillerLine UK  can recognize from far away - good looking in the landscape, nice design and practical. If you don`t have an idea how can look your shelter ( canopy ) we can help draw up 3D Model and visualize. If you have ready idea or solution for your shelter we are ready to produce/fabricate your shelter from your drawing or sketch. More about standard shelters, custom shelters,  shelter personalization options and material specification - press "More about Shelters".


Handrails and balustrades are MillerLine UK  one of the most popular fabricated product. We produce handrails and balustrades in various style of design and material. We offer handrails and balustrades from mild steel, stainless steel, brass and if necessary can combination with glass infill. We offer all kind of balustrades and handrails - standard balustrades, industrial balustrades, art design balustrades, glass balustrades... We offer made to measure balustrades and handrails. If necessary we always ready help with handrail and balustrade design, that option is given for own customers clear vision, how looks finished product and what own costumer get. More about own manufactured handrails and balustrades, options, material and technical specification  - press "More about Handrails & Balustrades".


MillerLine UK, horse barns design is very bespoke unique and individual. Highest quality and attention to every detail. We offer a start for horse barns up to full equipment for horse stables, riding arenas, and many other interior and exterior accessories, design elements for horse barns and horse stable. We can offer many options and variations, for more info press  "More about Horse barns".


Charcoal oven HeatOn is an amazing product for professional kitchens, like restaurants, bars, pubs, stake houses. HeatOn charcoal oven is designed and built by MillerLine UK. HeatOn is very practice and handy oven. In a charcoal oven, you can cook everything, like - stakes, fish,  pica, chickens, vegetables and much more. Charcoal oven runs on charcoals or wood lump and is a unique combination between oven and BBQ. Take deeper flavors with charcoal oven HeatOn. For more info and benefits what can get from charcoal oven press "More about Charcoal ovens".


We have big experience and knowledge's in conveyor, machinery build including the food industry. We can build from simple small line conveyor up to complicate production line solution. We can design and build conveyors and machinery for your specific needs include automation. Not always is possible buy ready machine or workbench - where we can help, you just need to tell us about your specific needs and we work out the solution. We are familiar with industrial solutions, - CNC, pneumatic, hydraulic...



MillerLine UK  - skips, builder skips, containers, fabricators/manufacturers. We produce from 2 cubic yards builders skips up to 16 cubic yard builders skips, all products is available for customization for every customer individual, like - color, logo, act.. We offer skip repairing service - we can fix/repair any skip and give them  2nd life. For more info about each product, custom options, technical specification and full product range press "More about Skips & Repair service".


We produce Roll On  / Roll Off containers with different configurations and specifications and sizes. We are Roll On / Roll Off container fabricators/manufacturers. All Roll On / Roll Off containers and platforms are available for customization: color, logo, specific needs or adaptation act...  For more info about Roll On / Roll Off containers and platforms, options, specification press "More about Roll-On/Off containers".


You have an idea about a new product, device... For you need help with prototype? You in right place and one step from your product prototype. We have big experience in prototype build/prototyping. We can help start from CAD 3D model up to ready working prototype. Any difficulty and design prototyping. Press "More about Prototypes & Prototyping", and get more info about MillerLine UK  prototyping service.



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